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Masterblox Introduces Dynamic Credit Model

Singapore, 25th Mar 2024, Grand Newswire - Masterblox, renowned for its pioneering work in growth hacking within the blockchain industry, has introduced its exclusive credit system. This innovative initiative, launched in December 2023, deviates significantly from conventional practices in Web3 consultancy and acceleration.

Masterblox's journey has been characterized by notable accomplishments, including contributions to BNB Chain's global branding and support for Chainlink's Build program. The company's expertise has also played a vital role in the evolution of the Consensys VC program into the esteemed Scale program, earning Masterblox the distinguished title of Consensys preferred partner. Over the past year, Masterblox has been instrumental in the establishment and success of Poolside, Lisbon's premier Web3 hub, with its foundational support and top-tier affiliations.

Under the credit system, partners gain access to Masterblox's extensive expertise for a duration of one year, which includes dedicated analysts and business development specialists. These professionals extend their role beyond traditional consulting, actively collaborating with the partner's team and contributing to business development.

Operating on a credit-based model, each package includes a specific allocation of credits. These credits serve as a metric for tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and can be utilized for successful warm introductions or connections to VCs and strategic partners. Credits are only deducted upon the realization of successful connections, based on predetermined terms, mitigating the risk of unproductive introductions.

Masterblox's Hyperscaling credit system represents a significant advancement in how Web3 projects approach growth and strategic partnerships. By providing customized, on-demand consultancy services, Masterblox positions itself as a strategic partner, offering clarity and assurance in investment terms.

For further details on Masterblox and its innovative credit system, please refer to their website.


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