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Elon Musk Admits Signing Open Letter On AI Limits 'Was Futile,' But He Just 'Wanted To Be On Record'

In March, Elon Musk gave a push to criticism surrounding OpenAI's AI-powered platform, ChatGPT, by signing an open letter that demanded a pause on training systems "more powerful" than GPT-4. However, the tech billionaire has now said that he just "wanted to be on record,” adding that he signed on to that letter “knowing it was futile.”

What Happened: During the weekend, after Musk's artificial intelligence enterprise, xAI, released its much-awaited and inaugural AI model, Grok, users started taking a potshot at the tech billionaire. 

One X (formerly Twitter) user took to the platform and referred to the "open letter," saying Musk was all up for supporting the contents of the letter at the time, but six months later, he introduced Grok. 

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