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Swap+: Liquid Crypto’s AI Blockchain Technology for Intelligent Token Swapping

Liquid Crypto builds Swap+, an AI blockchain tool that uses smart technology to find the best rates across all DEXs, saving time and maximising profits for all.

Swap+: Liquid Crypto’s AI Blockchain Technology for Intelligent Token Swapping

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 25th Oct 2023, King NewsWireLiquid Crypto’s unwavering commitment to user-friendly innovation has solidified its position with its latest product, Swap+.

This powerful tool will redefine how customers experience the crypto market, and Liquid Crypto is proud to be pioneering this game-changing journey.

Swap+: Your Personal Crypto Trading Assistant

Utilising built in AI, Swap+ provides both seasoned traders and newcomers with real-time information and access to the best trading rates across multiple decentralised exchanges (DEXs). This seamless process eliminates the need for extensive searches across DEXs, making crypto trading more accessible and efficient than ever.

Swap+ was created for Liquid Crypto customers as a dedicated cryptocurrency trading companion, meticulously engineered to enhance their trading experience.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the Swap+ creation and the positive impact it’s had on the crypto community. It embodies our commitment to innovation and user-centric solutions. We always knew we wanted to build a product that would enable users to easily swap assets without having to worry about how to do it, or spend countless hours researching and looking for the best rates,” said Choua Lee, Co-Founder for Liquid Crypto. “We’re excited about the potential of Swap+ to simplify the crypto trading experience for users worldwide, and we hope it becomes an indispensable tool for traders everywhere.”

How Swap+ Revolutionises Crypto Trading

Swap+ was meticulously built to simplify the crypto token swap process, something Liquid Crypto takes pride in. Its platform is designed to cater to traders of all levels. Here’s how Swap+ enhances the crypto trading experience:

Intuitive User Interface: Liquid Crypto is dedicated to making crypto accessible to everyone. Swap+ features an intuitive interface that caters to both beginners and seasoned traders, ensuring effortless navigation.

Advanced AI Capabilities: Swap+ harnesses cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) to conduct real-time scans across multiple decentralised exchanges (DEXs). It accurately identifies the most favourable rates by assessing available liquidity. In essence, it’s similar to having a skilled cryptocurrency trading expert who consistently secures the best deals for you.

Maximise Your Gains: Swap+ doesn’t just save traders time; it also enhances the value of their cryptocurrency assets. In the world of cryptocurrency, every percentage point is crucial, and Swap+ ensures all traders make the most of their trades.

Security First

While efficiency is important, security remains as Liquid Crypto’s main priority. In an age where digital threats loom large, Liquid Crypto offers more than just a platform; it provides a secure and transparent path to DeFi applications that centralised platforms can’t match. All assets are stored in smart contracts, making them highly resistant to hacking attempts.

Financial freedom should never compromise security, and Liquid Crypto’s hacker-resistant and user-friendly platform embodies this commitment.

Liquid Crypto: Your Trusted Partner in DeFi

Liquid Crypto is an Australian based fully decentralised finance platform with no 3rd party intermediaries, and where every transaction and action is executed by fully audited smart contracts. The platform provides liquidity by getting customers to provide liquidity via smart contracts in the platform in return for rewards. In addition to Swap+, we have also developed Bridge+ which facilitates the smooth transfer of assets within seconds.

Experience the Future of DeFi

Swap+ and Bridge+ are not just tools; they’re your keys to success in the DeFi space. They simplify your crypto journey, make your trading efficient, and most importantly, ensure your assets are secure. Say goodbye to confusion and risk, and say hello to a user-friendly, all-in-one secure platform.

Visit Liquid Crypto today and embark on your journey into the future of decentralised finance. Empower yourself, trade with wisdom and confidence knowing you will always have the best market rates with the support of Swap+ by Liquid Crypto.

Click here to experience the magic of Swap+.

About Liquid Crypto

Liquid Crypto is leading the way for the next generation of DeFi. Users can effortlessly complete all of their transactions within the one platform with confidence, knowing they will always be offered the lowest possible rate in the market. Liquid Crypto’s AI enables projects, traders and investors to effortlessly realise outsized returns in an omnichain reality by bridging the gap between CeFi, DeFi, Money Managers and Market Makers.

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