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Steelcase Research Finds Leaders' Priorities Shift

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Oct. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- To help organizations achieve their sustainability and social responsibility goals, Steelcase, a global design and thought leader in the world of work, today publishes new research that found global business leaders' priorities for people and the planet are growing. The company also releases its 2023 Impact Report: Our Work Toward Better Futures and announces the expansion of its sustainable product portfolio.

Recent Steelcase research, conducted in 11 countries and published in its new issue of Work Better magazine, shows employee wellbeing, sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion ranked as business leader's top workplace issues for the next year. While these topics have consistently ranked important to business leaders, this recent body of research shares the sense of urgency leaders feel around these topics.

2023 Impact Report
To help organizations address these issues and meet their own goals, the Work Better Magazine includes the 2023 Steelcase Impact Report, Our Work Toward Better Futures. The report details the company's progress and leadership on bold goals to create better futures for people and the planet.

Three significant areas of impact drive the company's actions toward creating community and belonging for people – at work and in the world:

  • Help Communities Thrive. The company's Better Futures Community collaborated with 169 partner organizations on more than 278 community projects.
  • Foster Inclusion. Significant progress was made on the company's aspirational goals of building diverse teams, ensuring equitable access to opportunity, and creating a culture of inclusion.
  • Act With Integrity. The company's high standards and clarity around core values enable employees to make values-based decisions.

As designers and makers, the company is acutely aware that its work has an impact on the planet. Steelcase takes critical, science-based actions across the entire enterprise to reduce its role in climate change.

Three significant areas of ...

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